Rothstein’s alpha personality drove him to excessive in every area. He lavished millions on sporting events sponsorships; hospitals and other charities; and political figures including Sen. John McCain, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. Charlie Crist. He corrupted a Sheriff Deputy, bankers, and other lawyers on his way to building a 70-attorney law firm in just five years while becoming one of the wealthiest people in South Florida. All he needed to do it was $1.4 billion of other people’s money.

In The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story, we learn for the first time how this polished con man built a prestigious law firm from scratch. His law partner and first victim, Stuart Rosenfeldt, recounts in exclusive interviews how it all started. Other key players in the Rothstein saga speaking here for the first time include three of Rothstein’s girlfriends

The full story is yet to be told, as Rothstein continues to dole out cooperation with federal authorities in hopes of shaving time off a 50-year prison sentence. But no one has pursued the truth about Scott Rothstein with such determination as author Chuck Malkus. Here for the first time are many new insider details, uncovered by exacting research and dogged reporting.

Malkus, a public relations executive and journalist, spent more than two years uncovering leads and sources no one else had access to. He uncovers evidence that the trail of lies, deceit, perversion, and corruption goes back far longer than Rothstein admits in his leniency letter to a U.S. federal judge. Malkus shows why Rothstein’s bid for a lighter sentence should be denied.


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